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Teeth Whitening

Smile is important. It’s one of the first things someone notices when they meet you. A whiter, ever brighter smile can instantly make you feel better and help making a memorable impression. However, sometimes lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking tea, coffee, cola or red wine etc. and inevitable ageing process can result in stained and darkened teeth. Over the years medication and inadequate oral hygiene can also contribute to this problem. The change in this process is so gradual that you wouldn’t even notice.

Teeth Whitening is generally 2 types     

  • Teeth Whitening done in Clinic

  • Home Teeth  Whitening Kit


We offer instant solutions to bring a surprise difference in your smile. We use the most globally advanced technology for whitening. 



  • Instant results. Get brilliant white teeth in just 60 minutes!

  • Absolutely safe.

  • Guaranteed results that last long

  • We pride ourselves as an expert in whitening, with more than 500 smiles whitened till date

  • Non invasive. Whitening is a quick and routinely done superficial procedure

  • Highly Cost Effective. You will find our whitening prices extremely competitive and we also offer special packages for multiple bookings.

  • Professionally performed by dentists who have received advanced training specifically for whitening.

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